Welcome to Acanthurus

Risk management isn't about spreadsheets and ticking boxes.  Its about engaging people!

Your business is unique to you which is why we listen and take the time to understand everything about the way you work - your people, your client profile, your culture and working practices - to help you manage risk in a way which works for you.

As well as helping private clients - both individuals and businesses -  to protect their assets, we also work with the insurance industry to provide valuable insights into the risks they underwrite.  

Acanthurus provides security and risk consultancy principally across the following areas:

  • Luxury Jewellery Houses, Manufacturers and Wholesalers
  • Luxury Retail and Branded Goods
  • Fine Art – Museums, Galleries, Shipping and Storage
  • Auction Houses
  • Safe Deposit Facilities
  • Banks and Large Pawnbrokers
  • Bonded Storage Facilities
  • Private UHNW Clients
We'd love to hear from you so why not give us a call. Alternatively, tell us a little more about your project. We answer all messages within 24 hours.

Colin Mitchell

Managing Director / Metropolitan Safe Deposits

Donna was an absolute professional when she conducted an in depth security survey of our premises, she listens, absorbs, prompts and asks all the right questions. She has a knowledge of security that I have found to be extremely refreshing in a security industry that has far too many ‘tick box’ experts.

Simon Priestley

Director of Energy / Mitie Energy

Donna Bullock - An intelligent operator who knows how to ensure day to day team delivery, whilst driving the function / business in the right direction. Always looking for alternative, better ways of working together.

Sharon Doherty

Global Organisation & People Development Director / Vodafone

I worked with Donna in both T5 and at Heathrow. Donna was a go getting, change orientated professional who balanced the need to get things done and the impact on people and how to implement with care very well. Working around Heathrow is a complex and pressurised environment that Donna managed well. Donna is individual, has a great sense of style and is an all round good lady.

Bjarne Wind

IT Security Manager / LMWind Power

I have the pleasure to know Donna Bullock for more than one year, and work together with Donna in the area of risk assessment, physical and procedural security. As a person, Donna has a high integrity and she is a reliable, relaxed and warm person with positive attitude and a great sense of humour, and she always shows respect for all individuals. Donna behaves very professionally when the dialogue is related to business issues. Donna is structured in thought and action, has great communicative skills and delivers excellent work, on time, both at strategic, tactical and operational level. Donna is an inspirational source for everyone and always ready to assist a fellow colleague. I feel privileged to know Donna and I can only give my best recommendation to any organisation that need a highly skilled security consultant or advisor.

Andrew Huntly

Co Founder and Owner / Thebusinessltd.co.uk

Donna and I worked closely toghether through some very challenging times during the Security crisis of August 2006. As Head of Airport security she had the enviable task of managing business partners, the Department for Transport and the wider Heathrow community. At all times she was calm, informed and professional, maintaining a steely resolve with a tinge of humour throughout. Her management of an extremely complex and challenging scenario was admirable. When things finally returned to normal Donna had formed extremely close relationships with her key stakeholders based on trust, integrity and the ability to deliver. She was always a pleasure to deal with. I would have no hesitation in recommending Donna to any organisation.

Steve Douglas

Director / Triforce Security Solutions Ltd

Donna is a highly professional an efficient person to work with. Her style and management skills get the most out of the people she works with. She inspires confidence and motivates in the toughest of circumstances and is a key person to have in any team at a senior level to produce results. She has a keen eye for detail and is innovative with new and creative working practices, nothing is impossible with Donna around.

Peter Coleman

Director of Pawnbroking / Fish Brothers Group

Donna has worked with Fish Brothers Group Ltd for a number of years; she is very knowledgeable in all aspects of security and has a sensible business approach. I worked with her to compile a comprehensive security manual for our company which has been well received by our staff.

Ken Hopwood

Underwriter / XLCatlin

Donna has an exceptional array of talents. Totally professional and knowlegeable her opinions are exercised diplomatically with thought and consideration of all the issues involved. She provides an excellent service to both underwriters and policy-holders.